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About is a powerful tool from Instor Solutions, Inc. that lets anyone determine the estimated cost of a data center Fit-Up. Whether you are building out a legacy whitespace or building from the ground up, this simple step-by-step guide will walk you through building a detailed budgetary estimate based on the details provided. Cabinets, containment, rack and room power to conveyance and cage requirements - each element of your build is included, ending with a presentable PDF detailing your build.

This powerful tool allows you to:

  • Estimate builds in minutes vs. days
  • Avoid under-estimating data center build costs
  • Set management budget expectations early in process
  • Quickly evaluate different data center build options and their value to your organization
  • Uncover overlooked options before budgets are set
  • Double check vendor proposals for legitimacy
  • Have confidence based on hundreds of real life builds and years of data center build experience

Are you a data center broker, colocation sales or engineering professional?
Set customer build expectations in minutes vs. days waiting on vendor proposals Enhance your trusted advisor status with customers

Using the fit-Up Tool

After registering for a free secure account, you will be able to estimate your DataCenter Fit-Up in a matter of minutes. The intuitive step by step layout of the DataCenter Fit-Up Estimator allows you to enter every aspect of your datacenter build, tracking your progress as you go.

Save and download your secure estimates in PDF format, allowing you to confidently present your proposal to key stakeholders. Validate or Finance your estimate with the help of a leading industry expert with just the push of a button.

About Instor

For the past 25 years, Instor Solutions Inc. has delivered data center infrastructure solutions to clients throughout the world. With regional offices in Texas, Virginia, the San Francisco Bay Area as well as an office in Dublin, Ireland, Instor provides innovative solutions for data centers, colocations and more.